Return to Persia  
August 20th, 2015

I originally started painting these guys back in May 2014 for the Lead Adventure League competition... Turns out, I didn't actually finish them until over a year later! :) Oh well, sometimes that's how it goes. I tried to out do my previous 28mm Persians with these guys, and I think it worked out. A little more attention to detail, and better shield designs, and they are looking pretty good! Check out the images in the Ancient Persian Image Gallery.

Next up, likely some Zombicide survivors... or some more figs that I've been painting for Dungeons and Dragons. Or another Norman that I painted up... Or some new terrain that I've been working on... I guess we'll have to just wait and see if I manage to get any of the many projects done between now and next time! Until then, have fun!

Dungeons & Dragons figures!  
August 12th, 2015

It's been just about two years since I last added a figure to the D&D gallery. Really, it's tough to work on D&D figs when I'm not playing D&D... which is why I managed to finish a few now! I started playing again a few weeks ago, and I'm enjoying it! In all honesty, I really like fifth-edition D&D. It's my favourite edition so far! Check out the images of a new wizard character and a few bugbears in the Dungeons and Dragons Gallery. Until next time....

Medieval town in forced perspective  
August 1st, 2015

It all started with the Lead Adventure League and the rule that images couldn't be used as backgrounds... The League is an annual painting competition over on the Lead Adventure Forum that requires competitors to paint groups of figures and present them in a single picture at a single angle. Terrain-strewn backdrops are encouraged and images are actually not allowed. Many people set up elaborate shots with their terrain, and typically the better the entire composition and presentation are, the more successful the images are.

After trying to set up some amazing scenes and mostly failing, I got the idea of setting up a forced-perspective terrain piece to make it *look* like an elaborate terrain set up. Also, I mostly just take pictures of miniatures. I rarely ever play. So, I came up with many ideas for forced perspective terrain, and the first one I actually sat down to try was a medieval village. The idea was to create a shallow set up that looked deep and complex, but is small, easy to store, and that's fun to make! For my first attempt, check out the Medieval Town in Forced Perspective article here. Here's a teaser:

The Vikings are raiding the village! Or are they?!?

I plan to make elements that can be added to it to keep it fresh, and also build many more.... My goal will be to make shallower and shallower sets! Next up are some more figures... I have a few waiting to be photographed. Stay tuned!

Back to that haunted medieval town...  
July 6th, 2015

It's been a long time since I started the medieval town project, about two and a half years in fact! I can't believe that time moves that quickly these days. But I've decided to continue it, looking for ways to make the images I take more interesting, and to do something fairly different from what I'm used to doing, I've changed it up a bit... But the details on that will have to wait. As proof of what I'm working on, here is an image of some bits recently cut:

It's good to be cutting foam core again!

Are you wondering what I'm talking about with regards to this project? Well, back in November 2012 I started a haunted medieval town project, I built one builting so far, and I wrote this article: Building a Medieval Town Part 1. Here are the associated blog posts for background: Nov 27, 2012 and Nov 16, 2012. Stay tuned for more posts in the near future!

More zombie fodder...  
June 23rd, 2015

I know now that I'll never get through painting all of the zombies from Zombicide's many, many games... The thing is, when you let yourself play with unpainted figures, you never end up painting them! In any case, I am now done the first half of the first box of zombies from season one, the first Zombicide game... Now there are only seven times that many more to do! :) Check out the latest ones in the Zombicide Zombies Image Gallery.

I am currently working on a few different things actually... Thinking of trying to make it through the insane number of figs on the workbench that I currently have... Most of which are from projects that I never completed for the 2014 Lead Painter's League :) Some of those include Gripping Beast Arabs, Lead Adventure miniatures sailors, Mantic's human women, which I realize are not actually that great to paint (sorry Mantic, I tried!), some Wargames Factory Persians, some Hobbit figs, and the last of the rats from the Mice & Mystics boardgame... I'm not all that impressed with that boardgame either... So who knows when or if I'll ever get to those! In any case, I have some half completed, so stay tuned!

KoWHAC Updates!  
June 16th, 2015

I've had a few emails over the past few years regarding the "Follow On" rules in my Kings of War Historical Ancient Combat supplements, and i finally decided to do something about it. Essentially what happened was that Mantic changed their rules and removed that one back in 2012... So, check out all of the Kings of War HIstorical Ancient Combat supplements for the rules updates and some army unit profile updates as well: I fixed the skirmisher rules a bit too, making them a bit less effective than they were, bringing them inline with the historical reality :) I should mention actually that I haven't updated the English Civil War supplement because it didn't seem to suffer the same issues.

What's next? I have some more zombies, zombie survivors, and I'm working on some plastic historical figs as well... The new Kigns of War that's coming has me thinking about that again, so we'll see! Until next time...

More zombies for the cannons...  
March 12th, 2015

I'm back with yet more zombies... I could literally paint these zombies for years... With the four boxed games that I have there has to be at least 200 Zombicide zombies, and that doesn't include the zombie dogs, or the extra zombies that I purchased... They look nice though at least, but I am getting tired of them a little... I enjoy the game a lot though, then again, it's pretty much the only game I've played over the past year, so it might be time for something new... Check out the latest figs starting here in the Zombicide Zombies gallery.

Up next, more zombies. I have some more survivors in the works, but I'm not as in practice as I once was, so they aren't looking as good as I'd like... Still, I'll post pictures eventually. Until next time, play on!

Back from the dead!  
February 16th, 2015

So it's been a while... Too long, but I'm hack from the dead! If I were like other bloggers that I've seen around the webz, this is where I do two things: lament all the other work that's kept me busy over the last seven months and promise that this marks the beginning of regular updates! Then I promptly fail to post EVER AGAIN :) Just kidding of course. I won't be making any promises, but I do have some miniatures painted up as well as some in the works. Finding time to get the updates on to the site has been a bit tough.

On the topic of being back from the dead, I have a handful more zombies from Zombicide. These figures are really top notch and a lot of fun to paint! Check them out in the Zombicide Zombies gallery. Next up, likely more zombies, but we'll see. I have been working on some survivors as well...

World War I Ottomans  
August 6th, 2014

You can't have Lawrence and the Arab revolt without having some Ottomans to square them off against. These ones were also part of the Lead Painter's League. Check them out in the Ottoman Turk Gallery.

Up next is probably zombies... I have zombies coming out of my ears!!!

Lawrence and the Arab Revolt  
August 1st, 2014

Another group of figures that I originally painted for the Lead Advenure league and finally got around to posting pictures of! I honestly thought that I'd be the only person to do the Arab Revolt in the final round, but boy was I wrong. I think that most people did the Arab Revolt, or something in the same region... Pretty funny really! Check them out in the new Arab Revolt Gallery.

I have a collection of Ottoman Turks from the period too that I'll be posting up shortly. After that, likely I'll get around to taking some pictures of the tens of zombies that I've been painting lately for Zombicide... A sea of dead gray corpses!