Last Mice & Mystics figure photographed!  
April 23rd, 2018

I had this painted for as long as I had the other ones painted, but I never got around to taking and posting pictures. After long last, here it is, the Mice & Mystics board game millipede! Check out the images in the Mice and Mystics Image Gallery. Why am I taking a picture now, after all this time? Well, I'm currently selling my copy of Mice & Mystics, along with the painted figures and I thought I'd snap a picture of the figure while I had the chance!

I have four Shadows over Camelot figures on the painting desk at the moment. The plan is to finish those off so that the whole set is done, and then put that one on eBay as well. I have to make space in the closet and I haven't played either Shadows Over Camelot or Mice and Mystics in years. With Gloomhaven and the other co-op boardgames I have, those two just don't make the cut. Until next time!

Lead Adventure League Season 11 finished!  
July 8th, 2017

The Lead Painter's League finally finished and I managed to squeek out a third-place spot! It was a great time and I might even take part again next year, but we'll see... It is a lot of work, and ten weeks is a lot of weeks! Check out the images in the Lead Painter's League Season 11 Image Gallery.

Lead Painter's League gallery  
March 20th, 2017

So now that I'm officially entering my second Lead Painter's League - season 11 - I thought that I'd create an actual gallery for each season that I enter. The first and only previous season I entered was Season 8 way back in 2014! So, I threw together all of my entries in order and put them in the Lead Painter's League Season 8 gallery.

What is the Lead Painter's League you ask? Well, it's a contest put on annually where all interested painters submit 10 rounds worth of figure images. It runs over 10 weeks and it's really a lot of fun just to see the entries posted every week. It's also pretty fun to take part as well. They are still taking entries too, so if you can take pictures of some nice new figs, you should get in on it. Check out the details on the Lead Adventure Forum here.

There are rules around when things can be posted, so I'll create a new gallery for season 11 and start posting my pictures there one week after they are posted in the League Forum.

More survivors for the grinder!  
March 17th, 2017

I was going through some old stuff the other day and found a bunch of pictures of miniatures that I had put together but had never published... I was a little surprised at my past self for doing all that work and not publishing, however after a few moments of thought I realized that the images weren't all that great. It's likely that I intended to take some more images of higher quality and come back to it, but I never did! Additionally, I may have been considering saving those figures for the Lead Adventure forum Lead Painter's League. The deal there is that you can't have published images of the pictures on the internet prior to entering the in League competition if you want to maximize your value. But whatever my past self was thinking, check out the images in the Zombicide Survivors Image Gallery.

Speaking of the Lead Painter's League, I will be entering again this year for the second time. I have some figures that I haven't taken pictures of that I've painted recently, so here we go! Head over to check it out on the Lead Adventure Forum. Until then, I do have some more zombies... yes, more zombies. How many zombies does on need?!? Among other things that I should be posting soon.

Dire boar  
February 6th, 2017

More monsters for my Dungeons & Dragons campaing! This one is a dire boar for the druid in my play group. The thing about this is that it's unlikely that it will ever get played; the brown bear - and now polar bear - is just much more powerful. There's really no reason not to use the most powerful animal... In any case check out the image in the D&D Image Gallery.

I'm working on some terrain now, again for the D&D action. I am also working on some Bretonnians. I've picked up some more knights and dug out some men-at-arms as well. I'm trying to round out that Bretonnian Kings of War army. Despite the latest work I imagine that I'll be adding my Empire figs in with the Bretonnians for the time being... Stay tuned for those!

Lonely Saber Tooth  
December 31st, 2016

I have been painting, but it's been tough to get the site updated these days. I haven't really had a personal computer for the last few years... I've been using my work computer, my communal family computer, a tablet or two, a phone... None of which are ideal for anything involved, which website updating can be. I have to get the pictures, get them all formatted and spiffed up, upload the pictures, update the content, etc, etc. This year I gave myself a holiday present and now I have my very own computer again! So, it's possible I will be updating a bit more often.

So yeah, a saber-tooth tiger! This is a great figure for Dungeons and Dragons especially when you have a druid in the group. Also, who knows, there may be one hidden in a cart somewhere also! Check out the images in the Dungeons and Dragons Image Gallery.

Severic the Wisened Cleric  
October 3rd, 2016

Back after some time... Finished up this conversion/painting of a Cleric player character for the latest D&D action! Overall I'm pretty happy with how it turned out, but I still haven't quite got the hang of taking pictures in the new office space... To be honest, it's likely due to lack of effort :) Still, I'm quite happy with the figure overall. The pole arm was a fun conversion, even if the pose is a bit stiff. Check out the images in the Dungeons and Dragons Image Gallery.

The (first) spawn of Strahd...  
July 7th, 2016

Whew, finally getting around to posting some images of my latest work on the old blog! This time it's a picture of a vampire spawn that I recently painted for my Curse of Strahd campaign. I am enjoying the creepiness of the campaign quite a bit. It's a fresh change from the openly fantastic feel of Faerun. Don't get me wrong, I really like the Forgotten Realms! But I also like the dark gothic horror setting of Ravenloft and Barovia. Check out the images in the D&D Image Gallery.

What's next? Well, I have to admit that I've fallen into the Magic the Gathering collecting and playing trap! I remember playing back in the mid 90s and just hating the fact that I needed $$ to play a decent game... This time around though I'm really enjoying the deck building. It's pretty fun! As a consequence though, I've started painting some of the cards, known as 'altered art' cards. I will likely post some of them up here eventually as well!

For miniatures though I have some more D&D related stuff soon! Spiders, zombies, and more fun coming! Until then...

KoWHAC for Second Edition Kings of War is here!  
February 23rd, 2016

All right, it's six months late, and I apologize. I know a lot of people have been asking about it, and helping out with ideas, and giving encouragement. I really, really appreciate it. Why is it so late? Well, it wasn't the quick rules update that I thought it would be. The rules themselves didn't change all that much I guess, but the army lists changed quite a bit. Things like banners and musicians were taken away, and the entire point-cost stacked was completely reworked. This left me with a choice: keep the old army list points stack, or rework it completely to fit in with the new paradigm....

Naturally I decided to rework it completely. I wanted to take advantage of inspiration from some of the new lists to inform elephants and whatnot! So, after a lot of work, and - shamefully - too much procrastination, I've complete the 2nd edition update to KoWHAC! All of the four main supplements have been completely updated: Hoplon, Pike, and Arrow, Rome's Rise and Fall, The Viking Age, and Medieval Mayhem are all ready to go for Kings of War 2nd edition. Check them all out in the Kings of War Historical Ancient Combat section.

Hmmm, so what's next? I have been painting here and there, but not a lot admittedly. I also have some terrain projects on the go, but nothing quite ready yet to update. So yeah, stay tuned, there will be something sooner or later!

PS. I fixed the RSS feed today as well... Does anyone even use RSS any more?!? :)

Eyes in the dark...  
November 24th, 2015

I have enjoyed pulling out my old figs and painting them up in the past. A huge part of my undead army is made up of old figures. But I never painted up the bat swarms again, until this week! The old bat swarms were made up of huge bats, metal figs with somewhat over-exaggerated faces. Some of them were plain goofy, some pretty cool, but all of them 20+ years old... So I went to check what the bat swarms look like these days and it turns out they are still using the same figs! They must not be a real unit in the army anymore? Insanity.

In any case, I remember buying one pack, which came with two bat swarms, and then proceeding to put two bats on each 40mm base in order to make my dollars work more for me. That gave me five bat swarms! I tried to add tombstones and trees to the bases, but my friends still made fun of me :) Oh well, good times. This time around I painted them up for D&D, which should be fun! I also painted up a spectator! They are basically lower-level versions of the beholder, which I am excited to throw at my players. They should enjoy the spectacle if not the death-dealing rays! Pun very much intended :) Check out the images in the Dungeons and Dragons Image Gallery.