Eyes in the dark...  
November 24th, 2015

I have enjoyed pulling out my old figs and painting them up in the past. A huge part of my undead army is made up of old figures. But I never painted up the bat swarms again, until this week! The old bat swarms were made up of huge bats, metal figs with somewhat over-exaggerated faces. Some of them were plain goofy, some pretty cool, but all of them 20+ years old... So I went to check what the bat swarms look like these days and it turns out they are still using the same figs! They must not be a real unit in the army anymore? Insanity.

In any case, I remember buying one pack, which came with two bat swarms, and then proceeding to put two bats on each 40mm base in order to make my dollars work more for me. That gave me five bat swarms! I tried to add tombstones and trees to the bases, but my friends still made fun of me :) Oh well, good times. This time around I painted them up for D&D, which should be fun! I also painted up a spectator! They are basically lower-level versions of the beholder, which I am excited to throw at my players. They should enjoy the spectacle if not the death-dealing rays! Pun very much intended :) Check out the images in the Dungeons and Dragons Image Gallery.

Here be Dragons!  
October 27th, 2015

With Dungeons and Dragons I so rarely get to actually have dragons running around... they're just too powerful! But the Lost Mines of Phandelver start-set adventure did something awesome: they put in a dragon for low-level characters anyway! Now, my characters learned the hard way to be careful *before* they decided to go engage the dragon... Thankfully. Otherwise they would have been reduced to a sloppy, acid-melted mess of gross on some old tower floor thanks to the powerful young green dragon. But alas, they haven't even gone to fight the dragon yet, and they're leveling and learning quickly, so there's hope for them still! I also had the chance to paint some more bugbears: one King and a few archers. This should just about give me enough bugbears to carry me indefinitely, so I'll stop for now. Check out the green dragon and bugbear images in the Dungeons and Dragons Figure Gallery.

I've been painting some vampire bats to play the role of vampire bats and also stirges. What are stirges anyway? Giant blood-sucking hairy mosquito bugs? I plan to not even introduce the concept of a stirge, and just characterize them as blood-sucking bats! That's a lot more sensible and relatable I think. Also a little less goofy? So expect to see those along with some other random dungeon-crawling monsters in the near future! Until next time...

Back to Andalus!  
October 13th, 2015

It really doesn't feel like it's been almost two years since I last painted some Andalusians in 28mm. It was all the way back in February 2014 that I last painted some Andalusians I guess... those HaT light horse figs. They were fun, but I was ecstatic when I heard that Gripping Beast was doing Arab plastics! Of course, they would need some conversion, but they would be much easier to convert than the Gripping Beast Dark Age Warriors I was originally planning to use! So, I picked up a few boxes... and then held on to them for about a year and a half, and now I'm finally getting to them! Check out the images in the Al-Andalus Image Gallery.

So my D&D group kinda fell apart, which means that I don't *really* need to work on D&D figs at the moment. That being said, I still am working on them! So I'll likely be posting some of those. But I've also been thinking about dusting off some Kings of War dwarves since I recently received my brand-new rulebook! I need a couple more units to give that dwarf army some teeth and then I can enlist the (now old enough) kids to defend the dwarven realms against my undead horde! So, we'll see... until next time!

The pumpkin twig blights painted!  
October 4th, 2015

I got the pumpkin twig blights painted up! I'm quite happy with these, and I think I might actually do some more. I'm pretty happy with these. Check out the images in the Undead Image Gallery.

I have a few more Dungeons and Dragons figures that are in progress on the desk, and I'll try to finish those up before I go back to the Kings of War armies that I was working on. I have so many half-finished figures on the desk now actually: zombicide characters, D&D monsters, pulp sailors, Arab plastics, Mice & Mystics rats, Kings of War panther-riding females, and even Hobbit miniatures... I may have to simply put those away for how. :) Next up though? I don't know. Until next time!

More for the D&D action!  
September 25th, 2015

So, as mentioned before, it's all about the D&D figures now. I have to paint new characters, new monsters, and build tiles/terrain for playing. This week I have a handfull of both monsters and a character! My dex-based fighter, and then a whole slew of monsters! Check out the images in the Image Gallery.

Up next are the pumpkin critters, blights, or whatever they are. I'm painting them up and should have them done soon!

Is that a badger?  
September 25th, 2015

Mantic has made some great stuff, and their badger-riding dwarves are pretty awesome. It's been some time since I've received mine, and I've only painted one. They're cool, and they'll be fun to paint when I finally get around to them! Check out the images in the Image Gallery.

Next up, more D&D figures!

More pumpkin monsters!  
September 4th, 2015

As always happens when I start playing D&D, all of my miniature army plans go out the door and it's all about one-off Dungeons & Dragons monsters! In this case it turns out that I needed some interesting plant-type monsters for D&D, and wasn't sure how to repsent them... then I remembered the pumpkin constructs I made and decided to create a few more. Check out four more of those in the Check out the images in the Greens Gallery.

One the topic of D&D, I've been playing a lot of fifth edition lately, and I'm really liking it. I like the simplifications, the rules feel more reasonable in general, and overall it's awesome. One little thing though, challenge rating. When I found out that challenge rating was basically gone, and that everything was calculated on experience points I was soooo happy, certainly it has to be much simpler than it was?!? And indeed it is much simpler... But I feel it could be simpler... But really, I'v really liking fifth edition! So yeah, more D&D monsters on the way!

Return to Persia  
August 20th, 2015

I originally started painting these guys back in May 2014 for the Lead Adventure League competition... Turns out, I didn't actually finish them until over a year later! :) Oh well, sometimes that's how it goes. I tried to out do my previous 28mm Persians with these guys, and I think it worked out. A little more attention to detail, and better shield designs, and they are looking pretty good! Check out the images in the Ancient Persian Image Gallery.

Next up, likely some Zombicide survivors... or some more figs that I've been painting for Dungeons and Dragons. Or another Norman that I painted up... Or some new terrain that I've been working on... I guess we'll have to just wait and see if I manage to get any of the many projects done between now and next time! Until then, have fun!

Dungeons & Dragons figures!  
August 12th, 2015

It's been just about two years since I last added a figure to the D&D gallery. Really, it's tough to work on D&D figs when I'm not playing D&D... which is why I managed to finish a few now! I started playing again a few weeks ago, and I'm enjoying it! In all honesty, I really like fifth-edition D&D. It's my favourite edition so far! Check out the images of a new wizard character and a few bugbears in the Dungeons and Dragons Gallery. Until next time....

Medieval town in forced perspective  
August 1st, 2015

It all started with the Lead Adventure League and the rule that images couldn't be used as backgrounds... The League is an annual painting competition over on the Lead Adventure Forum that requires competitors to paint groups of figures and present them in a single picture at a single angle. Terrain-strewn backdrops are encouraged and images are actually not allowed. Many people set up elaborate shots with their terrain, and typically the better the entire composition and presentation are, the more successful the images are.

After trying to set up some amazing scenes and mostly failing, I got the idea of setting up a forced-perspective terrain piece to make it *look* like an elaborate terrain set up. Also, I mostly just take pictures of miniatures. I rarely ever play. So, I came up with many ideas for forced perspective terrain, and the first one I actually sat down to try was a medieval village. The idea was to create a shallow set up that looked deep and complex, but is small, easy to store, and that's fun to make! For my first attempt, check out the Medieval Town in Forced Perspective article here. Here's a teaser:

The Vikings are raiding the village! Or are they?!?

I plan to make elements that can be added to it to keep it fresh, and also build many more.... My goal will be to make shallower and shallower sets! Next up are some more figures... I have a few waiting to be photographed. Stay tuned!