Lead Painter's League Season 11 Gallery

Thor gathers his host 28mm miniatures from Gripping Beast and some random eBay 54mm viking painted by Neldoreth - An Hour of Wolves & Shattered Shields

Thor gathers his host 28mm miniatures  -  Posted: March 31, 2017  -  Manufacturer: Gripping Beast and some random eBay 54mm viking
For the final round I figured that I should continue with the freehand shields and clothing trim. It was my only chance to have an edge against whoever I would be up against. So, on went the knotwork and shield designs. Again with these shields I didn't spend much time choosing designs and just painted some stuff that caught my eye. It worked pretty well, although not as well as it did with the Hoplites. I was up against some pretty great fishmen again, and along with that a great scene staging as well. Luckily for me it went my way, and the final win placed me in third place! That being said, I think I would have landed in fourth place if it wasn't for Admiral Benbow being unable to have new figures for a few of his entries... Still, I'm pretty happy in the end.