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Minerva, Roman Goddess from germes1968 painted by Neldoreth - An Hour of Wolves & Shattered Shields

Minerva, Roman Goddess  -  Posted: January 11th, 2010  -  Manufacturer: germes1968
Minerva, goddess of the warrior in Rome, among other things. She will be used as a camp for my Romans, being a statue, for when they are fielded as a DBA army. She will come to life though if I field this army as a Hordes of the Things Roman fantasy army. She is a nice figure... And I skimped on the base decorations (no sculpted flowers or olive branches) and simply put her on a rock. What goddess wouldn't get up on a giant rock given the opportunity? Pretty happy with her! No, the shield isn't freehand... She's so big - 54mm - that the detail was sculpted on!