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Marian Romans from Wargames Factory painted by Neldoreth - An Hour of Wolves & Shattered Shields

Marian Romans  -  Posted: November 9th, 2009  -  Manufacturer: Wargames Factory
So, aside from being a civil war theme, I have a sub-sub theme for the army: freehand vs. decals! Bascially, each element with an enemy legionary soldier on it will have freehand shields on all figures except the enemy figure, which will have the LBMS decals. So, you can compare and contrast, and see what's better, freehand or decals! If my freehands 'win', then I promise to post hi-res pictures of all oy my shield designs so that all of you aspiring generals can download them and print them on to your own transfer paper and make your own decals with my freehand shield designs!