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Undead from Reaper Miniatures painted by Neldoreth - An Hour of Wolves & Shattered Shields

Undead  -  Posted: Dec 29th, 2008  -  Manufacturer: Reaper Miniatures
Repainting figs is always a load of fun! These figs sorely needed an update, as they were painted originally more than ten years ago! These are old Reaper skeletons (the two on the outside originated as this one and the one in the middle originated as this one). The glaives/halberd weapons are actually made using those plastic-coated large paper-clips for the shafts and plasticard for the blades. They worked pretty well I think. This stand (based for Hordes of the Things as well as Warhammer) sports my favourite jack-o-lantern shield so far (the one in the middle).