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The Battle for Cumberstone Street
Star Grunt - Rebels vs. the Imperials
By Neldoreth
Aug 23rd, 2011

Mission Briefing: Rebels have taken a foothold in the City of New Jorvik on Planet 412, in the Sigma quadrant. Imperial troops are to insert into the vicinity and remove the rebel stronghold at all costs. Rebels are known to have heavy weapons, including grenade launchers, heavy machine guns, and perhaps vapourizers along with energy-based small-arms weapons. Extermination is imparitive as it is believed that their ultimate objective is to kill the daughter of the Emperor himself.

Okay, out of context for a minute here... This was a game of Star Grunt that I'd played a few years back on my buddie's fantastic city terrain. The stuff he did for his modern city was not only great to look at (as you will soon see), but also expansive. Although I never really got caught up in the Star Grunt rule set (it needs a game master, it isn't all that decisive, and it requires a lot of little bookeeping) I never forgot this game thanks to all the fantastic terrain. Maybe one day I'll try to do something like this terrain for myself... but in the mean time, lets get on with the report and you can oggle the beautiful stuff all you like!

The layout of the terrain at the outset of the battle.

The Imperial troops decided that heading up the middle of the street would be a mistake, so they split their forces. One squad went up the left and one up the right. Both squads stuck to cover as much as possible. Despite that though, they took fire the whole way along, some of it pretty bad. They dished it too though.

The Imperial Alpha squad snakes its way through the yards of houses on the left side of the street. Luckily nobody had dogs or wamp rats tied up their!

The key to living through an engagement like this one is to not be seen until it's go time, and then hope that you get off the shots before your enemies do. Alpha squad planned to do just that by staying behind buildings and inside houses whenever possible. Despite that, they still took fire, as you can see by those pesky blue markers there... or maybe those are fatigue markers? Anyway, it was a slog for them.

All through the Imperial advance the overconfident rebels relaxed as they poured fire down the street.

It seemed to the rebels that the Imperials would never make it to them, especially since that they were in such a well fortified position. The poured ammunition down the street, forcing the Imperial troops to keep their butts covered. Unfortunately, their fire was as effective as they thought it was...

The Imperial troops emerge from the protection of an appartment block compund to continue their advance.

Despite the fire they recieved, the Imperial troops emerge from the protection of a building complex to continue their advance. Thankfully for them, other small buildings and tree still cover them from the rebel fire; the open roadway isn't as dangerous as it looks!

The rebels survey the street, wondering where the Imperials are? They must all be dead, right?

The rebels peered over their fortification towards the Imperial troops that were advancing through the appartment building, but fail to see them. Who knew that fortified positions could be so bad for line-of-sight? Ignoring their right, they took aim at the other side of the street, where the advancing Imperial troops finally made it to a building and are setting up for a protracted fire fight!

Imperial back up arrives in the form of an armed high-speed vehicle, the rebels realize their mistake...

The rebels realized that the Imperials meant business when they saw the high-speed vehicle raoring down the street towards them. The order to take aim with grenade launchers and the heavy machine gun came too late though, and the vehicle snaked its way up the street toward the rebel position.

The final assault was brutal, and many fighters were killed, both Imperial and rebel.

Both the rebels and Imperials tried to take the initiative and make a break for the streets. The rebels stopped short at the gateway and used their position to gun down the Imperial troops attempting a bayonet charge across the street. Unfortunately for the rebels, the armed behicle strafed their position, killing one and driving back the rest.

In the end, the resolve of the rebels was broken and they fled out the back of their fortified location and headed for the hills! Over all, it was an enjoyable game with lots of narrative. And really the terrain made it into a really fantastic experience. It's been a few years since I played this game, but I look forward to breaking out all the figs again and refighting it with Mantic Games' Warpath rules!