Act 1 - The German Retreat, but what do they leave behind?
Weird World War II - NUTS! expansion

Neldoreth - September 12th, 2006

The Scenario

The story opens in late July and early August of 1943. The Germans know that the Soviet warmachine is on the move, and it is only a matter of time before they begin to lose ground. Hitler, obsessed with not leaving behind anything the Soviets can use and so he decides to begin operation LeicheAnsturm. The worst horror to beset humanity would be the LeicheKampfer, a creation of German scientific masterminds! It is the corpse fighter, ever on the hunt for fresh human flesh, they will roam the lands and infect all those they eat! Hitler hopes this will give the Germans time to build a defendable wall along the eastern front, and keep the Soviets out for good!

So, when the Soviets see the German army begin to retreat they are unsure why, and so the Soviet generals hesitate. Meanwhile, the Germans release the LeicheKampfer accross the Soviet landscape. As the Germans have pulled back and the Soviets are waiting to advance, the peasants are all that remains to see the full effect of operation LeicheAnsturm and its LeicheKampfer!

Six women trapped. Their husbands and brothers are zombified. Their food stores are running out! Only 100 meters across a road lies the main farm house, there there are stores for months, if only the women can get there... Is it safe for them to try to make the run accross the road? Should they go one by one? They must try now or starve!


Russian Women:

The Russian Farm Women hungry ready for some zombie action!

The Russian women must make it from the small farmhouse to the large one. It is about 30" away. Can they make it before their husbands feast on their flesh? They will only know by trying!

The husbands and brothers, they were always lazy anyway!

Starting Positions & Objectives

The zombies are placed randomly while the women are all inside the small house. Thankfully no zombies placed inbetween the two houses!

The women start in the small house, which is about 2.5' away from the big house. The game goes on until either all the women are zombies, or all of the remaining living make it to the big house. For ease, it should be assumed that the houses are secure, and all inside are safe from zombies outside!

The Fight - And so it begins...

Mama explains the plan:
Run as fast as you can
and don't stop!

Mama gathered the family together around her, she realized that it was her that would have to get them through this! If she couldn't, then nobody could. She quickly whispered in quite tones her plan. They would throw open the door and run for it. It was that simple. Nobody should stop no matter what, but they should stick together as long as they could. Mama would make sure that everyone got to the other house.

"Odin, Dva, Tri!" Mama threw open the door and out they went. Mama lead the way, followed closely by Aunt, big sister, little brother and little sister. Grandma followed the crowd, but Mama urged them all to stick together while they could, and so made sure that the others didn't go too fast for Grandma!

Just as the women began to make their way, Mama noticed her dead (but animated) father and her husband to her left (the right side of the picture below), and her dead (but animated) nephew and brother to her right (the left side of the picture below). Unfortunately for her, she noticed them notice her, and they began running at speeds they could never reach in life towards her living family. Terror leapt into her heart, but her resolve was stronger and she continued on! She would see her family safely through this, well, at least her living family!

The women make their way out of the house and accross the road. The zombies notice and begin to pursue!

Again Mama urged on her family. "We must go quickly!" she shouted to the group. None of them needed urging however and were ready to go, however Grandma and little brother couldn't keep up, and since Mama wanted them all to stick together, the rest of the family slowed their movement to stay close. Meanwhile the zombies closed in, and big brother zombie (the one who had yet to notice the women's flight) saw the commotion through the trees and began to sprint with unnatural speed in their direction!.

The women continue on their way. The house is ever closer, but so are those zombies!

Just as the large house seemed within reach, little brother triped on a pile of stones and fell. Everyone, Mama included, stopped to ensure that he got back on his feet. Unfortunately for Mama and the rest, the zombies didn't wait. They were on top of the women before they could run again, and Grandma was the first target! It was formerly Grandfather that caught her first! Little brother who had only just regained his feet was the second to be caught by Unkle and Cousin! Things looked bad for the family. (How did this happen? In the game mechanics, sometimes groups don't activate - aka move - during a turn depending on the dice, but since the zombies always activate last, it is very bad news when this happens!)

Grandmother and little brother are cought! Will they
survive the attack, or become zombies themselves?

The sight is too much for little brother. The bleeding and charging zombies send him running as fast as he can away! Thankfully the big house is the closest house (the boy failed his Being Charged check and would have to run to the closest building), and so he sprinted in terror toward his goal!

Grandfather feasts on Grandmother!

Unfortunately Grandmother had more resolve, but not enough to see her through. Grandfather's undead lust for flesh was too much for her and she was eaten by the LiecheKampfer. She was the first to fall to the German creation... Unfortunately her fall would not be permanent. The evil disease made its way through her barely-pumping heart to her brain, and her corpse began to twitch even as Grandfather ate. Moments later she was on her feet, but her goal was no longer to make it to the large farm house, but to eat warm flesh!

The sight of Grandmother's dead body rising from the ground was too much for the family. They stood in horrer as she rose. They stood, unmoving, as she turned to them and attacked. Screams ripped through the air as the other zombies charged in to attack the women. All but little brother were cought. Little brother, his face turned away in his flight of terror made it to the large farm house. Mama saw her son enter, and she breathed a sigh of relief, but only a small sigh. Two zombies had attacked her youngest daughter, and in her rage she charged one. She would see them fall before her daughter was taken!

Aunt, big sister, and little sister are all cought by the zombies! Mama charged to the aid of her youngest daughter! But will they survive, or will they share Grandmother's fate?

The resolve of the fleeing women had come after the horror of what happened to Grandmother, so none of them would be taken down in this fight! Mama managed to knock grandfather to the ground, although not put him out for good. Big sister, angry at all of the slight made against her by big brother during life, knocked him down as well! Even little sister held off the zombies, although had not the strength to knock her former father to the ground. They would all live, at least for now!

After the fighting, big brother and grand father are knocked down while
Little sister and Aunt hold off their undead attackers!

Despite their ability to hold off the zombies initial attack, Mama realized that it could not last forever. They were going to have to get away from these zombies and back to the house somehow! Big sister siezed the opportunity to run toward the house and away from her knocked down zombie brother! She made it inside and Mama breathed another sigh of releif, but she would not leave her sister and youngest daughter. With anger she charged again, and took the fight to the walking dead!

Mama stays in the fight while Big Sister makes it home!

The fight looked hopeless for little sister and her Aunt. They both faced two of the undead alone, while Mama faced Grandfather again. Still, their resolve to survive was strong and they were able to keep from being eaten! Aunt knocked down her former husband while Mama and little sister managed to hold their undead attackers off!

At the next moment, Mama called for them to run for it. The zombies lashed out at the retreating women as they went, but none found their mark and the rest of the family made it safely home! (The zombies get a free hit when melee is broken off unless they are prone from being knocked down) The remaining family members all breathed a sigh of relief and took a moment to remember Grandmother... They remembered her as her lifeless corpse smashed at one of the windows!

All the remaining family are safe inside, but how long will their supplies last?
How long until they must brave the fields once again?

The Aftermath

Mama sat in the corner, eating her rationed carrot. She realized that ultimately her family was doomed. Sure they had made it to the big farm house where they had supplies for months. But months were not forever. Her former family members still ambled around the house waiting for warm flesh to feast on. No matter what they covered the windows with she could not forget them.

Mama realized that she likely could not make it to another place from here. The next house was kilometers away, and they had barely made it one hundred meters to this place... She hoped against hope that help would come. She hoped for anyone... 'Russian soldiers,' she thought. 'Where are our Russian soldiers? Our heroes of the Soviet Union...?'