Islamic Expansion to England
DBA Battle pitting Granada IV/38 against the Pike and Shot English of DBA-HX
By Neldoreth
Aug 13th, 2009

Had the Arabs defeated the Carolingian Franks at Tours, who knows where they would have stopped? Certainly, after conquering France they would have continued to move northwward. No doubt, after capturing Daneland they would certainly have sailed accross the the channel and landed in Hastings...

The year is 1641. Portugal never existed and it was the Arabs that 'discovered' North America. Islam spread accross the world, unstoppable (except by the various nomadic tribes of Asia, but that's another alternate history). And after greater Europe had been conquered, it was time for the line of Nasrid to lead an army into England: Pike and shot would clash with light horse and spear as the Granadines would attempt to land at Hastings and make a foothold in the British mainland!

The Granadines array in a broken line while the English form up with ranged troops in the center and the knights on the flanks. Note that the English are outlined in blue, while the Granadines in red.

Neither side was sure of what the other will do, and so the lines formed up on the battlefield. At the center of the English line was the canon, ready to blow a hole through the lines of Granada. Surrounded by ranged weapons and flanked by pikes and knights, the English were ready to drive the Granadines from English soil! The Granadines on the other hand had no intention of withdrawing. Light horse and crossbows made for a vantage point on the right flank while crossbowmen took position on the edge of the forest on the left. The Granadine spearmen, knight general, and the remaining light horse took the center of the lines. And so it was that the horns sounded the advance; battle would soon be joined!

Battle is joined on the right flank!

The English lines reform to meet the advancing Granadine crossbowmen and light horse on the right flank. The Granadines form up to meet the English knights, launching a vollew of bolts that force one of the knight units to back off. Meanwhile, a single light horse unit makes for the rear of the English lines.

The English knights charge the Granadines onm the right flank!

The English sound the charge and the knights on the right flank tear up the ground and smash into the Granadine line of crossbowmen. Meanwhile on the left flank the English attempt to maneuver to meet the Granadine main lines, who seem to be waiting to see how the battle pans out on the right flank before making any commitments.

The knights fall to the crossbow fire of the Granadines!

The knights strive to reach the lines of Granadine crossbowmen, but alas when they finally do reach them, their numberes are far too few to make the impact they needed. Under a hail of boltfire and the ferocity of the knife-armed Granadines, the two units of English knights broke and fled the field...

The right flank seems lost as the final musketmen fall to the Granadine crossbow.

The Granadines capitalize on the fall of the English knights and redeploy to face off against the English musketeers. The battle was fierce, but in the end the crossbow proves the sturdier weapon and the unit of English musketeers broke and were destroyed. The right flank as it stood had fallen to the Granadines.

The Granadine main line still holds back while their light horse attempt to raid the English camp.

Despite their victory on the right flank, the refusal of the Granadine main line to make battle fails to precipitate the end of the engagement. Now the Granadine lines became split with the main lines being almost too far out of the fray to affect the outcome. However, in a bid for a quick victory, the Granadine commander saw to it that a single unit of light horse assailed the English camp. To deal with the threat, the English general broke off from the left flank and headed toward the stranded Granadine light horse that was assailing the English camp.

The Granadine light horse comes to blows against the English knights while the English canon braks a hole in the Granadine crossbow line.

The English, seeing that the Granadine lines were split, redeployed their lines to face their attackers on the right. The English general and his knights caught and charged the Granadine light horse, forcing them to give ground to the knights. Meanwhile, the English canon burst and destroyed a unit of Granadine crossbow. The Granadine victory on the right flanked seemed to be coming apart.

The English knights drove the Granadine light horse to the marshes where they were mired and destroyed.

Indeed it was grievous news that reached the Granadine commander's ears when he heard that the battle between the English knights and his light horse finally ended in victory for the English on the right flank. The gains that the Granadines had made on the right flank early in the battle were now undone, and both armies hung precariously on the edge of defeat... The light horse unit that had been sent to aid against the English knights had failed to arrive in time. Meanwhile, the English canan continued to batter the Granadine crossbowmen, but failed to scatter them.

Just as the Granadine main line was to commit to the battle, it was finally won on the right flank!

The Granadine general realized that the time had come for him to make preparations to attack with his main line. Ordering his spearmen to advance toward the English musketeers, he formed his line and readied to recieve the charge from the English pikemen... But it never came. Just as he was about to join the battle, news raced through the English that their general had been destroyed in the marshes by a combined attack of crossbowmen and light horse. The retreat was sounded, and the battle was ended. The Granadines had indeed gained a foothold on the British mainland!