Stopping the German Advance

NUTS! WWII Skirmish Battle Report

December 2nd, 2005

This game was played using the NUTS! rules from Two Hour Wargames. The rules are of the reaction variety that are quite innovative and refreshingly different from any that I have played before (especially Warhammer and the likes). This scenario is an adapted version of the combined arms sample scenario, which was changed to fit the eastern front setting. As a note, I followed the advice of the Webmaster over at Two Hour Wargames and decided to just play with what I had, as opposed to waiting to finish all of the appropriate figs... So, you might see some things that seem a little out of place, but hopefully it won't bother you too much ;) Enjoy!


The mist had descended that day just as spring was reaching over Russia, covering the Red city in a fog that no eyes could penetrate. Unfortunately the fog wasn't the only thing that had descended on the city that: the Germans were moving in.

There were rumors that the Germans were hoping to move into the outskirts of Leningrad where they believed there would be no defence. From their position they would be able to renew their attacks on the city using a two flanked solution. Unfortunately for the Germans, the Red army would not let them in so easily.

Admiral Roschenko ordered all that could be spared to face the advancing germans: A single squad led by Sgt. Ilianich and a single T-36/76. Sgt. Ilianich was ordered to stop the Germans at a crucial bridge that must be held to keep the beleagured defenders of the city supplied.

After three days of waiting, word came that the Germans were advancing. The T-34 was ordered to defend the bridge by sitting on it, ready to smash any advancing vehicles. Sgt. Ilianich split his squad, flanking the bridge on both sides, giving them a good, hidden position to take out any that came accross. But unfortunately for everyone the mists didn't let Ilianich's men even see the bridge from thier positions (mists reduced sight to 12").

The mists did help Sgt. Ilianich's squad though, as the Germans hit the bridge and its surrounding buildings with a barrage of artillerly ahead of their advance. Ilianich cursed, but thanked Lenin that only one of his squad was taken out of the fight by some unlucky shrapnel. Thankfully, the T-34 was still up and running.

The barage took one red army soldier out of the fight before it had even begun! Damn
those German guns! Looking past, you can see the T-34 covering the bridge, and
thanks to the fog it is still in pretty good cover!

Not long after the sound of explosions echoed into silence, the sound of metal tracks chewing up stones could be heard; the sound of engines carried ominously through the dense mists. Ever nearer the sounds grew, until all the soldiers were sure the Germans were just ahead of them... The tank commander of the T-34 decided to unbutton and have a look out the hatch. It may be dangerous, but it would be better than letting the Germans get the drop on them when they came into sight.

The Germans arive, but still out of sight thanks to the mist. Here we see the Pzkfw II L
being played by a converted Sisters of Battle Immolator, while the Pzkfw 251 is being
played by an old Sisters of battle Rhino. The single German LMG team is being played by
some 40K Cadians, who, ironically are painted to resemble cold war Soviets... The T-34
still covers the bridge in the distance...

The T-34 tank commander peered into the fog, straining to see some movement to direct fire toward as the sound of treads grew nearer. For what seemed like an eternity of watching for the ever advancing German vehicles the tank commander jumped with a start as a Pzkfw II L (lynx) came over the crest of the bridge!

A yell to the tense gunner broke the silence and before the Germans had a chance to react, the T-34 fired. The 76mm round tore the front and top off the vehicle with a gigantic explosion. Unfortunately the T-34 loader fumbled the next round in an attempt to get to the machine gun in order to take out any remaining German Lynx crew, leaving the gunner to properly load the gun. Thankfully for the exposed tank commander, no German crew survived the first shot.

The Pzkfw II L had no chance against the 7.6cm main gun on the T-34.
Unfortunately the T-34 main gun didn't reload fast enough to shoot
immediately again...

A collective sigh of relief ripled through the tank crew, but was suddenly broken by the sound of more advancing vehicles. Meanwhile Sgt. Ilianich cursed the damn fog as he strained to see if the shot from the T-34 was a success. He ordered his men to move and they began to clambor out of the ruined building they were in.

Moments later, the tank commander saw a Pzkfw 251 lumber over the crest of the bridge. He yelled for the machingunner to open fire, but too late. MG-42 shots ripped through the air, smattering the tank hatch with lethal lead. The tank commander's order was cut short by the hot metal that tore into his lungs. He slumped over the hatch, not dead, but certainly out of the fight.

The T-34 gunner however finally managed to get the shell loaded into the main gun as the loader opened up on the Pzkfw 251 with the co-axle machine gun. The 76mm main gun fired, catching the Pzkfw 251 straight in the face and tearing it open. The screams of the crew and passengers of the German vehicle echoed through the sounds of burning metal as they scrambled, unsuccessfully to escape the burning death trap.

The Pzkfw 251 litters the bridge, while the remains of the
Lynx (which were knocked off the bridge) litter the riverside.

The rest of the tank crew breathed a sigh of relief again as silence fell on the city. Not a sound of a vehicle could be heard for miles, and the enemies' guns seemed to have gone quiet for now as well. Sgt. Ilianich scrambled to the T-34 to see to the wounded commander, and found that was is okay! Apparently he was only knocked out but ricochets!

With the city safe for now, the tank commander orders the RTO to call command with the news, and request their next orders.

The T-34 tank commander lives to fight another day!


This battle was certainly interesting. I used the solo rules to play this one and I had some troubles figuring out how to activate the Germans... I know they were trying to get across the table, but how should I decide which way they take to get there? Aside from that failing of the rules they were quite good. There are a lot of details and book keeping for each figure in the battle, but that is why it is a skirmish game - keep the battles small and you won't have any trouble!