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Tamerlane's Revenge!
DBA battle - IV/42 Islamic Persians vs IV/75 Timurids
By Neldoreth
Jun 7th, 2010

A cold wind whistled across the Persian landscape as Tamerlane and his Timurid army approached. The Islamic Persians lead by Shah Mansur had mustered their army to meet the approaching Timurids. The muster had been swift and successful, but the weeks on the march had proved much for the soldiers of Mansur, and his army had dwindled. Despite this he insisted to himself that his battle was just! Persia for Persians, and surely with a victory here the Persian Shahs would unit under him to drive the remains of the Timurid empire from Persia forever!

Tamerlane himself had other ideas. This being the second uprising of the Persian nobility, Tamerlane decided it would have to be the last... even if he must defeat this rabble and kill every Shah from here to the Persian Gulf! He surveyed the field and was mildly surprised by the numbers that Mansur was able to muster, despite being sure it would not be enough to defeat him!

The lines of Persians and Timurids set to clash between a rough hill and a rough ground of rocks and shrubs.

Shah Mansur couldn't see his bowmen in the rough ground to his right, but he was sure they were ready to rain death on the Timurid cavalry that advanced towards him. What he didn't know was that two units of Timurid foot troops had also entered the rough, and the Persian bowmen were going to have to fight it out with them before taking aim against the Timurid cavalry. The victor of the battle for the rough was likely going to be the victor of the entire battle...

The battle is joined in the rough going while the main lines slowly close. Note the light horse off to the right have a stand off for the entire battle! Why risk dying when your respective general is so far away!

Shah Mansur ordered his archers to advance while he advanced his main line towards the Timurid main line. He had sent a message for his light horse archers to attack and sweep behind the Timurid line. At the end of the battle it was unclear whether the messenger was killed before the message could be relayed, or whether the horse archers simply ignored it. Thus it was that battle was joined as the Persian archers forced the Timurid skirmishers to give ground in the rough.

A unit of Persian archers fell to the blades of the Timurid auxiliaries in the rough while a unit of Timurid cavalry were run down by the Persians. Notably, the flanked Timurid elephant unit managed to push back its attackers and live to fight on!

Shah Mansur ordered the charge on the main line of the Timurid army. It was inevitable, and he couldn't wait any longer for his archers to gain control of the rough. The Persian cavalry on the left flank took the initiative and swarmed the Timurid elephant unit, hoping to break them. Unfortunately the war elephants fought tenaciously and pushed back their attacks. On the right flank, in the rough, the Timurid auxiliaries were able to break and destroy one unit of Persian bowmen. Though to fight seemed to be even at this point, the Persians were quickly losing the rough, and thus losing control of the right flank. They would have to capture the left flank and destroy more Timurids there before the loss of the right flank could play against them!

Another vicious charge against the Timurid elephants was repelled, while the rough going was firmly captured by the Timurids. Taking advantage of their control of the rough, the Timurid focres began to exploit the right flank.

As another charge against the Timurid elephant unit failed, Shah Mansur began to panic. It was a mind-numbing panic, followed by deadly indecision. As a consequence, his archers in the rough were chased down and dispersed by the Timurid light troops. Shortly after that, the Timurids closed on his flank and began the march toward his center. One unit of Persian cavalry fell. His only hope would be to muster the remains of his forces and break through the Timurid's main line...

Shah Mansur couldn't muster the initiative to hit the Timurid lines head on, and was forced to take the charge. Unfortunately for his Persian army, it spelled their demise.

Despite the Shah's attempts to sound the charge and relay orders to his troops, the Persian line languished on the plain. They failed to even bring their lines together, and so they were hit by the force of the Tmurid cavalry. The tenacious Persian horsemen gave ground in the center, while a unit was destroyed on the right flank by ambushing Timurid auxiliaries. Realizing that the battle was lost, Shah Mansur sounded the retreat. Tamerlane let him run. Mansur fled to Shiraz, but never arrived there... En route Shah Mansur was captured by Shah Rukh, one of the son's of Tamerlane, and decapitated, and Persia remained under the thumb of one or another foreign ruler for the next 108 years of men...