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The Battle of Vizeaya
Hordes of the Things Fantasy Battles
By Neldoreth
Aug 6th, 2009

Ramona's Undead Horde vs Rodrigo 'The Battler' Diazo's Estalians

Rumours that a horde of undead had been dwelling and growing in the Vaults, the most eastern tip of the Irrana mountains had been spreading throughout Estallia and Tilea for some time. To Rodrigo "The Battler" Diazo, King of Bilbali in Estalia, they were just rumours until his people became the targets of the undead horde. Raids had begun into Esalian lands from the Bretonnian side of the Vaults. With more successful raids, the undead became more and more bold. It was rumoured that the undead surge was precipitated by the actions of some Bretonnian noble, which wouldn't help Bretonnia's relationship with Diazo's Estalian Kingdom either...

The paths of Rodrigo "The Battler" Diazo and his army along with the path of the Undead Horde of Ramona the Revenge seeker.

Recognizing the signs of trouble on the horizon, Diazo began to assemble his army, but his efforts were too late. Just as the first of his Caballero Knight began to arrive, word reached Diazo that a great undead horde had begun a siege against the Estallian city of Vizeaya. Diazo put out word of his need for warriors and marched from Bilbali to Vizeaya; once again his moniker would be proven one way or another. Along the way Rodrigo Diazo was able to enlist the aid of a veritable army of Norscan refugee warriors and even a Norscan mountain giant tribe lead by their giant chieftain Bjornwulf!

Rodrigo "The Battler" Diazo (Hero General) leads his army onto the field of battle with the town of Vizeaya at his back (the stronghold). Note that the undead glow a faint orange and the Estallians glow a faint blue in the above and following images.

Rodrigo "The Battler" Diazo marched his army to the city and took to the field of battle. Arraying his forces in a line, he placed himself and his Caballero Knights of the Swan on the left flank and the Norscan giants on the right. The middle would be held by the staunch Norscan refugees. The Undead would pay dearly for every meter of ground they took!

The undead hordes, rumoured to be lead by Ramona the Revenge seeker herself take to the battlefield.

The undead army shambled into position on the field. Rumour spread that the leader of the army was Ramona the Revenge seeker herself. Her powerful sorcery would certainly warp the battle's outcome, and her rage at the unjust way of Kingdoms and Lords would certainly bring fear to the hearts of men! Her line was flanked by herself and flyers on the left and right respectively, while her centre was held by her knight general, spear-armed skeletons, and an elite skeleton guard.

The lines advance toward each other while the giant bats swing arounf the flank.

As Rodrigo "The Battler" Diazo marched his line forward, he strained to keep the giants from charging ahead alone and being surrounded and destroyed by the advancing undead. To Diazo, the lines looked precariously evenly matched, and he hoped that the undead mage would not be able to capitalize on her abilities... But as he surveyed the field, a dark shadow passed over and upon looking up, the spectacle of a horde of giant bats flying toward his left flank was too much. Spurned by fear, he dispatched some of his Caballero Knights to chase off the menacing bats!

The lone element of knights falls to the giant bats!

Cries of terror rend the field of battle as giant bats fall on the knights that had been dispatched to cover the flank of the advancing Estallians. Diazo's Estallians quavered at the sound, and at the knowledge that their flank and rear had just become compromised, but it did not break. Meanwhile, a ravenous ghoul warband ascended into the hills to further harass the Diazo's left flank!

Rodgrigo "The Battler" Diazo attempts to deal with the giant bats.

Fearing that such a large number of giant bats on his armies flanks would have too much influence on the outcome of this battle, Diazo took a unit of Norscans with him and turned to pursue the flying terrors. The giant bats however had no intention of staying to fight. They fled to instead lay siege to the town of Vizeaya, which was well behind the Estallian lines. If the city fell, battle would be lost!

Rodrigo "The Battler" Diazo ignores the bats and takes the fight to the undead's lines.

Having no worries that the defenders of the city would be able to turn the giant bats, Rodrigo ordered a full march toward the lines of the undead. As the march commenced the battle for the city began. Cries of the city's defenders split the air, but the bats were driven from the walls!

Rodrigo wheels his line to fluch the ghouls out of the hills.

Rodrigo Diazo surveyed the hills to his left and the sight of packs of ravenous ghouls unsettled his heart. In an attempt to disrupt the plans of the undead he ordered his line to wheel in an attempt to entice the undead to charge and lose their advantage in the hills...

Rodrigo's gamble pays off and the undead charge.

The lines met as the undead smashed into the Estallians. As the gap between the skeletons and Estallian warriors closed, Rodrigo let go a silent prayer to his gods that the Mage Ramona chose to stay her magical powers for this battle. For had she been able to bring the currents of magic to bear, surely the battle would have gone differently.*

The Norscan giants draw first blood, banishing Ramona from the field of battle.

The clash of rusty steel on steel and the cries of Norscan and Estallian and Arabyan alike filled the air. No small amount of blood was shed, and no minimal amount of bone was shattered, but the lines did not break. The undead mage Ramona was unexpectedly beset by the Norscan giants, and although the fighting was bitter, the Arabyan spearmen turned the fight and Ramona was banished from the field of battle! The spell of depression and worry that had beset the Estallians was lifted with her flight, and the Estallians fought with a greater spirit!

Radrigo "The Battler" Diazo is attacked!

As the battle raged up and down the lines, the flanks of both armies began to be pulled apart. The giant bats, which were happy attempting to crack the city walls for the first part of the battle had returned to the main line. In a howling charge, the ghouls along with the bats slammed into Diazo and his knights. The fighting was hard, but Diazo was able to push back the attacking undead! Meanwhile, on the other flank, the Norscan giants were continuing to destroy the undead left flank as a unit of elite skeleton guard were crushed!

The Norscan giant, along with the Arabyan spearmen turned the undead left flank, and the battle itself.

The Norscan giant with the help of the Arabyan spearmen continued to smash the skeletons on the undead left flank, leaving little but powdered bone and broken in their wake as two more units of undead skeletons were destroyed.

With a final charge, Diazo and his knights destroy the giant bats and the undead flee the field!

The main lines continued to clash as Diazo and his Caallero knights were charged again by the ghouls and giant bats. Just as the ghouls were about to hit his lines he sounded the counter-charge and the knights fell in among the flying bats and ghouls and bat bloods was spilled in great gushes! As Diazo speared the last giant bat on his sword, the undead army had begun to withdraw, and the battle had ended.

Overall for a 'HotT first game ever' this was a lot of fun and went pretty smoothly. There were a number of rules mistakes we made though, which had a huge effect on the battle. Primarily it was the Mage rules; I figured that since mages could only ensorcel heroes, it must be the case that they could only use ranged attacks against heroes. I was wrong apparently, and so the Mage was used as a spear element would have been. Also, the undead were down 2AP thanks to my spotty math :) Still, it was a great battle and a lot of fun. I also got to use my 2'x2' modular terrain boards for the first time! I made them about a year and a half ago! How time flies... But they worked out extremely well and now I am inspired to finish off that project with some water sections.