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Cry Havoc! - Medieval Southern Europe
Medieval DBA Campaign Event Timeline

Below you will find a summary of each notable event that takes place during the campaign along with a little adlib anachronistic commentary. This is the place to be for a brief view of the events. If you would like something more complete, please see the detailed description of turns and events.

Year & SeasonEvent
Before 1300As the early medieval period came to an end along with the viking age and the first crusades, so our story begins. Europe is beginning to see the feudal age take hold, and the rise of nobility and a wider view of the continent as a place to be conquered and ruled! And so begins our campaign!
1300 SpringIn the west Roberto the Bold of Leon marched south to Madrid. King Marco Polo II of Castile mustered an army for the defense. Marco Polo was defeated and Madrid was taken by Leon.
1300 SpringIn the south King Kankan Corymusa of Mali invaded Sicily through Girgenti. The city gave a half-hearted attempt at defense before it opened its gates. Mali quickly established control of the city.
1300 SpringIn the north the King Black Jacques Shellac of France surpried everyone and sailed to Sicily through Cagliari with leave of Aragon to invade Syracuse. The city held strong and the French failed to take it.
1300 SpringThe King Mike-Frederick IV of the Holy Roman Empire surprised their apparent French ally and invaded Avignon. The city held against the siege and the Holy Roman Empire failed to take the city.
1300 SpringThe Castillans, their army broken and threatened by the Leonese offered marriage to the Aragonese in exchange for protection. In a pragmatic move that would have made Machiavelli proud, King of Aragon Don Juan Dangeroso accepted the offer and became overlord of Castile.
1300 SpringAlthough many Kingdoms in southern Europe did not march to war, many intentions of war were declared. Ibn al-Joeahmar, Sultan of Granada declared war on the Kingdom of Mali to the south. Mark-Charles II of Naples declared war on every kingdom in southern Europe!
1300 SummerRobert the Bold of Leon marched to Toledo and began a siege of the Castillan city. Marco Polo II withdrew behind the walls of the city to withstand the siege. Despite many effort by the King of Leon, Toledo did not fall.
1300 SummerIn retaliation for invading Toledo, Don Juan Dangeroso lead his Aragonese army into Leon and attacked Burgos. After much loss without capturing the city, Don Juan set his army to cut off the city from being supplied and settled for a long siege: the city did not fall.
1300 SummerIbn al-Joeahmar made good his promise to invade the Kingdom of Mali and crossed the straight into Tangier. The city was put under siege, but not taken.
1300 SummerKing Seanmund of Sicily rode to the gates of Girgenti, his former city, and attempted to take it back from the Sudanese kingdom of Mali. King Cancan Corymusa stayed silent behind the walls of Girgenti, and the city withstood the siege.
1300 SummerThe French, hearing that Avignon was under attack from the German Holy Roman Empire packed up their tents and sailed back to France to defend the city. The German Holy Roman Empire remained and battle was joined! The French were defeated, Avignon was lost and the French withdrew to Toulouse.
1300 SummerThe Kingdom of Naples marched north to put the German Holy Roman Empire city of Pisa under siege, but the city did not fall.
1300 AutumnThe Malise city of Tangier falls to the armies of Granada after a second season of the siege.
1300 AutumnThe Sicilians fight to regain their lost city of Girgenti, but fail. Girgenti remains in the hands of the Kingdom of Mali
1300 AutumnThe Holy Roman Empire city of Pisa falls to the Kingdom of Naples after a second season of the siege.
1300 AutumnThe Holy Roman Empire, lead by King Mike-Frederick laid siege to Paris, but not before King Black Jaques could return to Paris and fortify the city. Mike-Frederick's siege ended in failure and the French remained independant!
1300 AutumnThe Leonese city of Burgos falls to the kingdom of Aragon after a second season of the siege.
1300 AutumnThe army of Castile sallied forth to make battle agianst the army of Leon that was besieging their capital. A bloody, desparate battle was fought, but the King of Leon triumphed and defeated the Castillans. Castile became a tributary of Leon.
1301 SpringThe Don Juan Dangeroso, king of Aragon, marched his army to Leon. Roberto the Bold and his army fortified the city against the attack, and Don Dangeroso's siege was doomed to continue to the summer.
1301 SpringKing Seanmund of Sicily marched to Girgenti to re-take it from the Kingdom of Mali but failed to.
1301 SpringMark-Charles II marched against the Holy Roman Empire and laid siege to Pisa, but failed to capture the city.
1301 SpringKing Mike-Frederick IV of the Holy Roman Empire marched from Marseille in an attempt to attack Paris. The French King Black Jaques marched from Paris to Avignon, and it was there that the armies clashed. The French were defeated and retreated to Paris.
1301 SpringKankan Corymusa, King of Mali marched from Tunis to Tangier and captured the city from Granada.
1301 SpringIbn al-Joeahmar marched his army of Granada to the capitol of Mali, but failed to take it. Being cut off from a friendly city with the fall of Tangier, the Granadine army fled to Algeciera, losing many of their number.
1301 SummerKing Seanmund II of Sicily captured Girgenti from the Kingdom of Mali after two seasons of siege.
1301 SummerKankan Corymusa sailed his army to Algecira in Granada. Before a siege was begun, the sultan of Granada agreed to pay tribute to the Kingdom of Mali and became their vassal.
1301 SummerIbn al-Joeahmar marched his army north through Almeria in attempt to attack the Castillan city of Crodova. The Castillans also marched, south into Granada and the armies of Castile and Granada battled on the road between Cordova and Almeria. Granada was victorious and Cordova was taken for the Sultantate of Granada.
1301 SummerRoberto the Bold sallied forth from the gates of Leon and attacked Don Juan and his army, defeating them and driving them back to Burgos.
1301 SummerKing Mike-Frederick IV of the Holy Roman Empire marched to Pisa to lift the siege held by the Kingdom of Naples. The Naplese army of Mark-Charles II won, capturing Pisa and driving the Holy Roman Empire back to Marseille.
1301 AutumnBlack Jaques Shellac marches his French army from Paris to Avignon and puts the city under siege. Despite repeated sorties against the wall, the former French city does not fall.
1301 AutumnAs Don Juan marches his army of Aragon out of Burgos and into Valencia, Roberto of Leon marches to the city and demands it opens its gates. After a brief attack on the walls, the gates are thrown open and the city surrenders to Leon.
1301 AutumnSeanmund of Sicily orders his generals to cross the straight and put Tunis under siege. The king of Mali marches to Tunis and battle is made. The army of Mali routes the Sicilians, but not before the Malise camp is sacked.
1301 AutumnMark-Chalres of Naples marches his army north into Strassberg and puts the city to siege. Despite the battle, the city does not fall.
1302 SpringAs the armies of Leon marched to Valencia, the armies of Aragon marched to Burgos. The armies met on the road between the cities and did battle. Aragon was victorious and Burgos was captured.
1302 SpringBlack Jaques Shellac, king of the French marched his army to Avignon to again attempt to retake the city. The army of the Holy Roman Empire's army fortified the city against the siege and it did not fall.
1302 SpringKankan Corymusaa, king of Mali returned to attack Girgenti, Seanmund of Sicily rode out to do battle and defeated the Malise, sending them back to Tunis.
1302 SpringThe army of Granada sailed to Cagliari to attack the city. Despite a disastrous sea crossing that halved the Ganadan army, the city was taken after a protracted siege; Cagliari fell to Granada.
1302 SummerDon Juan marched to Leon and put the city under siege. Roberto fortified the city with his army and it did not fall.
1302 SummerSeanmund II of Sicily crossed into Mali and put Tunis under siege. The city did not fall.
1302 SummerThe French siege of Avignon is successful. The ciy falls and the army of the Holy roman Empire is destroyed.
1302 SummerMark-Charles of Naples marched to Mersaille and put the city under siege. The city did not fall.
1302 AutumnAragon's siege of Leon ended successfully. Leon fell to Aragon, and Leon's army was destroyed. Leon became a tributary of Aragon, and Castile gained its independance.
1302 AutumnThe siege of Mersaille ended successfully for Naples, and the city was captured.
1302 AutumnMali marched to lift the siege of Tunis and was defeated by Sicily. Tunis was captured by the Sicilians.
1303 SpringGranada rode to Toledo as Castile rode to Cordova. The armies met on the road and Granada destroyed the remains of the Castillan army, forcing Castile to pay tribute to Granada.
1303 SpringThe Kingdom of France laid siege to Barcelona in Aragon. The walls were breached in short order and the city was captured.
1303 SpringThe Holy Roman Empire attacked Marseille, but the city held out against the crippled German army and it did not fall.
1303 SpringThe Kingdom of Naples marched to Strassberg and put the city under siege. Despite a strong defense, the city fell and the Holy Roman Empire became a tributary of Naples!
1303 SummerThe Sicilians mustered an army and invaded Naples through Feggio. Despite feirce attempts to take the walls, the city held out.
1303 SummerThe army of Aragon marched to Toledo and put the city under siege. Despite the siege, the city held out and was not captured.
1303 SummerThe king of Leon mustered his army and invaded Cordova. There he met the army of Granada, and as he was sorely outnumbered he retreated back to Madrid in defeat.
1303 AutumnGranada rode to Toledo to defend Castile's capital from the besieging Aragon army. Granada was defeated and Castile became the vassal of Aragon.
1303 AutumnNaples rode to Feggio to lift the Sicilian siege there. The Sicilian army withdrew in the face of the Naplese army to Syracuse.
1304 SpringAragon invades Leon and puts the capital city under siege but fails to capture it.
1304 SpringCastile invades Leon and puts Madrid under siege but fails to capture it.
1304 SummerAragon continues its siege of Leon, but fails to capture the city.
1304 SummerCastile continues its siege of Madrid, but fails to capture the city. With no remaining army, Castile's siege ends.
1304 AutumnAragon continues its siege of Leon, but fails to capture the city. After an entire year of siege, Aragon's army returns to Aragon unsuccesful.
1304 AutumnThe Franco-Naplese army invades Cagliari and does battle with the Siculo-Granada army. The Franco-Naplese alliance is victorious, and Naples holds the city.