Tales to Paint By: Mister B. Gone
A review of the audio book by A review of the audio book by Clive Barker
By Neldoreth
December 14th, 2010

Don't judge an audio
book by the cover?


My favourite books are ones that compel me, that draw me into their story. I have to admit I typically jump into stories, so it's not difficult for authors to draw me in. But there are a few books that are delightfully entertaining in a very personal way. This is definitely one of those books.

A Little More Detail - but no spoilers

Firstly I'll say that it's a horror novel. But it isn't the gory, descriptive insanity that you typically associate with Clive Barker's Hellraiser; I can't handle that these days. It's more of a psychological thriller, written to keep the listener on their toes; aside from a general disregard for life, or certain types of human life anyway, it's actually much less explicit than one might expect.

The book has a special presentation because it is written in the first person with a character voice. That is, the storyteller actually talks to the reader. In fact, there is an active dialogue between the reader and the narrator; that dialogue is a great part of the psychological thrill associated with the audio book, which takes it over the edge for me.

The only drawbacks with this book are that it might be a little predictable to people into the genre, specifically Barker's work. Despite that, it's definitely a treat. Also, the translation from book to audio book isn't perfect, but for me it works just fine. At six CDs, it took me three painting sessions to get through, which is nice and quick, but enough to get a good story together.


I highly recommend this book. It kept me interested, compelled, and emotionally involved while I painted up my skeleton archers for my Undead Project.